About College

          Shri Ganesh Kala Mahavidyalaya is located at Kumbhari, in the close vicinity of industrial area of Akola District. The Akola District is known for Katepurna Wild Life Sanctuary, which is the land of vegetation of southern tropical dry deciduous forest. It is also known for the oldest Raj Rajeshwar Shiv Temple, Akolgarh Fort, Balapur Fort, Gavilgarh Fort & Sundarabai Khandelwal Tower. The institution is 10 km away from Akola city. Primarily, the college is situated in the rural area of Western Vidarbha Region of the State of Maharashtra. It is being run by the management of Hanuman Gram Vikas Pratisthan Hingana-Kumbhari, Tq. Dist- Akola. The college is established in the year 2000. It aims at providing the knowledge of arts, sports and culture to the students of rural background.

          The founder of this institution, Hon’ble Prof.Tukaramji Birkad, former MLA and former President of Vidarbha Statutory Development Board, Nagpur came to know the needs of higher education to the have nots, the downtrodden and unprivileged people of rural locality. The college has moderate infrastructural and academic facilities to fulfil the mission and vision of the society. The college aims not only to educate but to help them to excel in the world of cut throat competition for employment. Besides, the college takes special initiatives to inculcate socio-cultural values and enable them to become good citizen.